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Thank you for your interest in AEA Purchasing. Pictured below are the staff members working hard to provide quality bids and savings that are of value to you. Feel free to email any one of us with your questions, comments or concerns.

Picture of Barb Adams

Barb Adams
Admin Assistant-Food


Picture of Meg Bring

Meg Brink, RD, LD
800-632-5918 ext. 1321

Picture of Jerry Cochrane

Jerry Cochrane
Coordinator, Non-Food

Picture of Dan Dreyer

Dan Dreyer
Director, Food

Picture of Laurie Hoing   

Laurie Hoing, CPPB
Coordinator, Non-Food
515-270-0405 ext. 14024

Picture of Joni Puffett    Joni Puffett
Coordinator, Non-Food

Picture of Dr. Vittengl    Robert Vittengl, Ph.D.
Executive Director

If you aren't sure of who to contact, emails may also be sent to and we will route your inquiry to the appropriate staff member.