Statewide Technology Buy

AEA Purchasing solicits a line-item bid every two years for technology products that are emerging and in high demand.   These line-items can be found by registering and searching in the AEA Purchasing Marketplace.  Begin here:

Register as a user to find the "Statewide Technology Buy" vendor, in the Marketplace, where most of the items may be viewed and also purchased by adding them to a cart. 

Some of the awarded STB vendors have a separate catalog that may be searched.  You may also download the PDF files listed under the "Buyer's Guide" tab below to see the items and vendors awarded along with descriptions and pricing.

The following categories are searchable in the Statewide Technology Buy catalog (look for this icon specifically) since PDF files are not listed for these. 
Generic Office Supplies
Lamination Products
Lamps for Projectors

In the AEA Purchasing Marketplace, workflows are set up to process orders electronically if your district opts to use them.  Pricing may still be checked through the Marketplace and then ordered through vendors directly, referencing the contract number LIC2018AEAPURCH.

Please contact Laurie Hoing, or 515-270-0405 x 14024 if you have questions or need assistance with the Marketplace.