AEA Purchasing

AEA Purchasing Governance

AEA Purchasing Operations Committee

Daily AEA Purchasing operations are overseen by an Operations Committee consisting of AEA management officials from across the state.  The group meets monthly to review financials, receive staff reports, and approve and/or recommend approval of contracts to the Board of Directors.

Sam Miller
Chief Administrator
Central Rivers AEA

Lane Plugge
Chief Administrator
Green Hills AEA

Heath Ayers
Technology Support Lead
Grant Wood AEA

Kurt Subra
Chief Financial Officer
Heartland AEA 11

Cindy Yelick
Chief Administrator
Great Prairie AEA

Joe Coon
Coordinator, Info Tech & Print Services
Mississippi Bend AEA

Jerry Schnabel
Director, Info & Tech Services
Central Rivers AEA

Josh Bader
Associate Financial Officer
Prairie Lakes AEA
Judy Sweetman
Media Administrator
Northwest AEA
Brent Siegrist
AEA Executive Director


IAAEA/AEA Purchasing Board of Directors

AEA Purchasing is overseen by a Board of Directors consisting of AEA board members from across the state.  The group meets bi-annually to review financials, receive staff reports, and approve staff contracts and other important issues that may arise.

Central Rivers
Debra Rich

Grant Wood
Jim Green

Great Prairie
Vicki Stephenson

Green Hills
Raymond Storm

Earl Bridgewater

Sandy Gassman

Mississippi Bend
Joe Adam

Roger Brinkert

Prairie Lakes
Gary Astor

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About AEA Purchasing
AEA Purchasing facilitates a voluntary purchasing program to help Iowa schools and other eligible entities save time and money. AEA Purchasing is an initiative of the Iowa Association of Area Education Agencies (IAAEA). Our goal is to combine the purchasing power of Iowa schools to offer aggressive pricing on materials, goods and services through a competitive bid process. AEA Purchasing is also a member of the Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA), a multi-state non-profit organization of educational service agencies that works to leverage purchasing power to enable all schools and agencies, regardless of size, to purchase at equal buying levels.

All Iowa AEAs are required to adhere to state and federal laws that prohibit discrimination in programs, activities and employment practices. For specific information, contact your AEA.
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